Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kowloon House Buffet

It's been a long time for my family and I go out together and eat in a buffet restaurant. Since my sisters just got home from abroad why not try a new one this time.

 I've eyed Kowloon House Buffet before so I think this will be a perfect opportunity for us to dine out together and a perfect opportunity for me to write my second food review blog.

Kowloon House West Ave... Known for their signature SIOPAO and humongous JUMBO SIOPAO and they also have several function rooms for parties and event stuffs, but this time we will just try their buffet.


Adult : Php 299
Kids: Php 150

The price in inclusive of BOTTOMLESS ICED TEA
That's Jennelle and Clang from outside

We got there in batches since my mother and my sister came straight from the airport so they got there first.

My husband, my brother and I need to commute by a bus get off to paramount and ride a jeepney over there. The location is not hard to find since it has a big sign of the restaurant outside.

SEE? ---------------->>>>>>>>>>>>

They have different selections of food. It's not a lot though, but the foods are far better than those in tramway which has similar taste to one another.

*I'm sorry about the pictures I'm so starving so I just want to get over my hunger that time so the pictures I've taken has less foods in it. But the staff/waiters keeps on refilling the food every time the food runs out.

The first thing you will see. SIOPAO, SHARKFIN & SIOMAI

It has a lot of seaweeds when I looked at it 5sec ago.

Choice of Yang Chow or Plain Rice


That is my mother right there as she waits for the waiter to finish the refill.

The Crab Foo Yong is tasty according to my liking. Patatim a little bland.

The Fish is light and well cooked. I loved the beancurd it taste like its freshly made.

I took a lot of this for me and cayleigh
different sauces

I had 5 bowls of Corn Soup

I noticed they didn't have lot of dessert but those BROWNIES are AWESOME.

 *I didn't like the almond jelly but my mom have bowls and bowls of it.

Plate #1, I always starts with dessert

I miss those beancurds already

My Mother and Clang from Dubai

Clang, Cayleigh and Jennelle

That's me.

 Now Let's Talk.

The Ambiance of this place is so calm. You don't see people running around panicky and fighting for food. There are some people like that but majority of the people is calm getting their food since the waiters refill it from time to time. The place is not bad in and out the picture as well.

The Staff are friendly too and they keep your glass half full all the time.

The foods.... Some are so-so but some are tasty not bad for its price.

Aren't they friendly?

With the Staff and Family

For budget people wise this is one place you should put on your list.

We are so going back to Kowloon House soon.

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